I am an experienced video game artist with strong leadership skills, and a background in environments and lighting. In addition to a Lead Lighting Artist credit, I have shipped 2 titles as an Associate Art Director and I am currently the Lead Artist on Overload with Revival Productions.
I began my career in 1998 with Outrage Entertainment in Ann Arbor Michigan. Early tasks included creating morph targets for character heads and animating/lighting cinematics for Descent 3 In 3D Studio Max. Once that work was done, I was given the opportunity to build out one of the single-player levels. That was where I got hooked on creating real-time environments. Before Outrage closed in 2003, we shipped Alter Echo. For this project, I built a number of levels and vertex lit each of the game's levels  in Maya. 
In 2004 I joined Volition as an environment artist. As one of just a few artists on the first Saints Row pre-production team, I helped create some of the early environments for the game, including the Red Light district we would show at our first E3 event. I eventually took the reigns of one of 3 city teams that would be responsible for building Stilwater. For Saints Row 2, I took on the role of Associate Art Director, where I would lead the environment art team, and create the day/night cycle lighting. When Saints Row the Third started, I was given the same assignment, but with the added tasks of leading the lighting team and collaborating with the core technology team to create the studio's next-generation development tools. It was a difficult ask, to develop tools and an engine while also creating a game, but we did it. After Saints Row the Third, I shifted from environments to lighting, and became the lead lighting artist for Saints Row IV. My final role at Volition was to create concepts for Agents of Mayhem. On AoM I helped develop the game's visual style, created environment concepts, and spent some time on a multi-discipline team developing potential agents for the game.
In 2015, I joined Revival Productions as Lead Artist on Overload. Being the spiritual successor to the Descent series, our goal for Overload was to stay as true to the original as possible, while giving it a bit of modern shine using Unity's physically based rendering. Overload is currently in development and will release in May of 2018.